The Art of Shooting, Inc.  2020

The Art of Shooting

Description: Learn how to clean and maintain your pistol

Details: This is a one and a half hour course focusing on Techniques and products for an efficient maintenance program.  You will be cleaning your own personal firearm (up to three pistols can be brought to class) with materials supplied in the cost of the class.

You will receive the following items to maintain your pistols.

Gunzilla 16 Oz    $27.50 Value

Gunzilla 1.5 oz spray $7.50 Value

Bore Snake (1 for your caliber) $13.00 Value

Nylon Brush $4.00 Value

Cotton Swab Supply (60 Assorted) $5.00 Value

Patches $4.00 Value

Plastic Container $4.00 Value

Nylon Pick Set $5.00 Value

*Includes one bore snake for your caliber.  
Additional size bore snakes available $10 ea

(Materials listed valued at $80)

$60.00 Per Person