The Art of Shooting, Inc.  2016

The Art of Shooting

Pistol 2.0 takes your skills to the next level.  In this 1 ½ hour (at range) course we focus on center fire pistols, grip techniques and handling.  

1 ½  hours range time with Instructor
Center fire practice (Rim fire ok)
Pistols for rent
Must supply your own ammo (Minimum 200 rds)
Ammo available for purchase
Single action demo and live shooting available
Pistol Vault (
We’ve opened our safe for you to try many pistols from our collection, ammo not included)
Safety First

Skill Improvement*
Grip, Stance, Aiming, Breathing, Trigger reset

First 10 rounds 10-15ft
Second 10 rounds 20ft
Third 10 rounds 30ft
Fourth 10 rounds 40ft
Fifth 10 rounds 50ft

Handling Malfunctions*
Slap Rack and Roll!
Double feed

New Skills*
Support hand shooting 2 handed grip
One handed shooting strong hand
One handed shooting support hand
Natural point of aim (Not using your sights)

Open practice*

$90 including Range Fees
Date & Time: By Appointment
Pre-registration/ Pre-pay only.  Location: Article 2 Range

*This curriculum is very aggressive and fast pace.  While we will make every effort to complete the above exercises the instructor reserves the right to modify the curriculum to the benefit of the student and their ability.

Pistol 2.0 Advanced Skills and Techniques
Individual Instruction