The Art of Shooting, Inc.  2016

The Art of Shooting

This course will cover basic handling, maintenance and marksmanship with your AR-15.

Guest Instructor:  Lt. Keith Aller is not only a longtime friend but he is also an expert in training with the AR Rifle.  Keith has been a state certified rifle instructor for 14 years, and trains officers from across Northeastern Illinois in the operation and handling of the AR platform.  He is a state certified Master Firearms Instructor and has been a law enforcement firearms instructor for 25 years. So, when it comes to the expert training you expect from The Art of Shooting, we called on the best.

This is a one day course of classroom and live fire with your AR-15.  Below is a short list of some of the techniques that will be covered.

Classroom (1.5 – 2 hours)

  • Safety inspection
  • Classroom safety briefing
  • Basic Inspection and Dis-assembly
  • Lower Dis-assembly
  • Chamber
  • Stance Grip and Sighting
  • Rifle Zero

Range Time (2 – 3 hours Minimum)
Rifle Zeroing

  • 30 rounds minimum
  • 25 yard sight in
  • From bench rest or prone
  • Iron sights
  • Optics
  • 5 rounds each cycle till zeroed


  • Circle targets/ standing (7yds, 10yds, 15yds / 30 rnds/10 rd mags/Reload technique)
  • Circle targets /Kneeling (7yds, 15yds / 30 rnds/10 rd mags/Reload technique)
  • 8 ½ x 11 Target/ Prone (25 yds 10rd mag)

Qualification 30 rds

  • 10 yds standing  / 10 rds
  • 15 yds kneeling/ 10 rds
  • 25 yd prone

The Class will be held at the Illinois State Rifle Range in Bonfield, IL. (About 1.5 hours from the suburbs). 
You will need an AR-15 Rifle and a minimum of 250 rds of Ammo.

$160.00 (includes range fees, lunch, beverages and snacks.)

AR-15 Basic Intro and Techniques