Firearms Instruction and Certification
Our Mission

Provide education and training in the safe and responsible handling of firearms for recreation and personal protection.
Shooting sports are becoming more popular than ever! Whether for fun, competition or self-defense, the safe and proper handling of a firearm is not only necessary, it's your responsibility.

In the past few years, firearms ownership has soared. Unfortunately many gun retailers sell firearms but provide little or no information on safe operation and handling. Some owners are intimidated by their new firearm. Consequently, the demand for training in the proper use and care of a firearm has increased.

Knowledge is the key to Safe, Responsible, and Enjoyable ownership. The Firearm you purchase is only dangerous if handled improperly. Everyone
, regardless of age, level of skill or ability, needs to understand the basic rules of firearm safety.

The Art of Shooting is here to educate the novice and the skilled on proper handling and safe operation of a firearm.